NFL Draft: QBs

With the draft now just 6 days away, we thought we’d have a quick look at the skill positions – starting with the obvious…

Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)

Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)

Jake Locker (Washington)

Christian Ponder (Florida State)

Cam Newton (Auburn)


Matt Le Tissier & Mozart

Yes yes yes, we stole it from the Guardian’s site – but in our defence, there really aren’t enough MLT highlights online. Quick Q&A for you – who is Xavi Hernandez’s favourite player? Yup, the Channel Island’s finest.

Cricket Sledging

A little bit of professionalism for you this morning – and no, we don’t condone sledging – but still..

Highlight Reel: Sidney Crosby

Concussion may have taken him off the ice for the last couple of months, but absence makes the heart grow fonder – and you can always YouTube highlights in any case…

Europa League Highlights

The competition that gives us regular football on Thursday nights returned yesterday, and all British clubs exited stage left promptly; highlights below.

Manchester City Vs Dinamo Kiev

Liverpool Vs Sporting Braga

Rangers Vs PSV

Champions League Highlights

Video highlights from this week’s games in the Champions League…

Manchester United Vs Olympique Marseille

Bayern Munich Vs Inter Milan

Real Madrid Vs Lyon

Chelsea Vs FC Copenhagen

Highlight Reel: Manny Pacquiao

What will make Monday go a little bit quicker? Maybe the top ten knockouts from the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world…

Highlight Reel: Michael Vick

Ok see he didn’t quite complete the circle of redemption, but still – 2010 saw us welcome back Number 7. Did he lose a yard? No. Did his arm strength deteriorate? No.

He got better.

Highlight Reel: Blake Griffin

If VSM were a 14 year-old girl, we’d annotate everything that Blake Griffin does with ‘OMG!’

But we’re not, so we won’t.


Highlight Reel: Alex Ovechkin

From Russia with love – and dekes and goals

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